Detong Capital was founded to focus exclusively on investments in China market. Since its establishment in 2006, Detong Capital's investments have always been focusing on high-growth, innovative industries and sectors in China market whereby we have accumulated deep market insights and unique resources to focus in three key sectors: TMT/consumer , healthcare and advanced manufacturing. We are committed to identify and invest in businesses that have significant market opportunities and potentials, top-notch management and clear business models.

Detong Capital currently manages multiple funds with nearly 20 billion CNY assets. Our fund investors range from prestigious financial institutions to government-backed funds in major economic regions as well as many leading public-listed companies such as Shanghai Municipal Investment / Weifu Group, Yimin Group, Guangdong Guangzhou Daily Media, ChineseAll, Porton and Amsky, etc.

We are a highly qualified professional team with extensive domestic and cross-border investment and M&A experiences. Our founders, Mr. Roman Shaw and Mr. Joe Tian, have worked together for 20 years. Our team consists of more than 50 experienced professionals and industry veterans based in 10 different locations around the country, covering the four most developed and dynamic economic regions in China including Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, West Triangle and Bohai Rim Region.

Detong Capital has made hundreds of investments and played an important and active role to make successful and profitable exits by ways of IPO globally. We consistently ranks among China's top 10 institutional investors over the years, leading partners have always been named China Best Venture Capitalist for decades as well.

Our prestigious reputation in investment community is built upon the long-term trust and partnership established between entrepreneurs and us. In addition to sufficient funding, we provides add-on values to our portfolio companies in terms of introducing invaluable industry and government resources as well as professional capital market expertise both domestic and international wise. We are dedicated to help our portfolio companies develop into world-class companies with our global vision and multi-dimensional support.  



    Close to 20 Billion RMB assets under management, focusing on venture capital and private equity investments in China.
    Our major investors include well-known financial institutions, family offices, public companies or their parent companies and high-net-worth individuals.


    Mr. Roman Shaw and Mr. Joe Tian, founders of Detong Capital, have worked together for 20 years since 2000 with extensive experience in domestic and overseas capital markets.

    Headquarter of Detong Capital is located in Shanghai while more than 50 members of the professional investment teams are distributed in 10 offices covering the major economic regions of China.


    We have leveraged our core expertise, market insights and unique resources to make successful investments in three key sectors: online/offline consumer & techonology, healthcare and high-tech manufacturing.

    “Bar-Bell Strategy”, covering early-stage startups with high growth potential and Pre-IPO stage companies with reasonable valuation)

    Both IPO and M&A are effective exit strategies for us. As a result of our early investments in key new industries, we are able to bring great target portfolios to public-listed companies with the right resources and platforms for their value chain merger and acquisition.


    Detong Capital is among the first ones that formed strategic alliances with local governments and leading industry groups in different economic regions.

    We consistently rank among China's top 10 institutional investors over the years and received high recognitions from our LPs.


Executive director of China Venture Capital and Private Equity Association丨 The co-chairman company of PE Association of Shanghai 丨 The co-vice chairman unit of Shanghai Private Equity Association.

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